John Krebsbach is a Head of Engagement Managers at . Krebsbach has a of achieving results and diverse experience gained through progressive career responsibilities.

The CliftonStrengths survey accurately summarized John as a leader with strong strategic thinking capabilities, complemented by his inclination for execution and ability to collaborate with and influence others.

Krebsbach summarizes himself as a builder: innately curious, he likes to learn, analyze opportunities (often disguised as challenges), and tackle them to help advance an organization and its people.

As a technologist, John uses a combination of data, tools, and processes to battle his sworn enemy – inefficiency. Despite his love of technology, Krebsbach is not disillusioned: it cannot solve all problems, especially when introducing complexity. John believes technology must be used deliberately, not fashionably.

John is a proud University of Dayton alum & devoted St. Louis Cardinals fan. Krebsbach's favorite escape is to a serene lake, alternating between vigorous water sports and lazy lounging.

At any given moment, John is almost always listening to music; everything from rock and jazz to classical and top 40. Former guitar and saxophone player, he's set on learning piano eventually.

John and his wife live in Chicago, Illinois.
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